10 Best Welding Schools in the USA

April 30, 2021

If you are considering going into welding, you may be starting to look at a few different schools. 

However, due to the high volume of institutions offering welding programs, it may be a bit overwhelming to choose one. 

Best Welding Schools in the USA
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Luckily, this guide will cover the ten best welding schools in the USA. We will quickly describe each school and what programs they offer. You will also learn how much the tuition costs and what the school's reputation is. 

When choosing a school, there are a few factors to keep in mind, such as location, length of study, tuition, and reputation. 

By the end of this guide, you will be more familiar with the top welding schools in the USA and have a firm grasp of what ones you want to apply for. 

Let’s get started.

Tulsa Welding School

welding school in tulsa

The Tulsa Welding School has a variety of programs such as Professional Welder, Associate of Occupational Studies in Welding Technology, and Professional Welder with Pipefitting ranging from seven months to 14 months. 

This school is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was founded in 1949. The school is a multi-campus institution and trains students in the skills, knowledge, and attitude they need to enter the industry. Students can study pipefitting, welding, and electromechanics. 


The welding-related programs can range from $16,974 to $20,465 for non-military students. Military students will pay $15,277 to $18,419 for welding programs. There are also several financial aid options for students who cannot afford to pay the tuition straight up, such as federal grants, scholarships, and military benefits. 


In 2021, College Factual awarded Tulsa Welding School with five badges. 

The badges included most focused for precision production and precision metalworking, most popular for precision metalworking and precision production, and ethnic diversity.

The school is very well-rated by student alumni; many mention how knowledgeable the professors are and how much they care about your success. 

The Lincoln Electric Welding School

lincoln electric

The Lincoln Electric Welding School is one of the best welding schools in the USA. 

The school only offers courses in welding. There are eight courses to choose from, both standard and advanced. You will get both in-class and hands-on teaching at Lincoln Electric. The courses will last about 15 weeks.

Opening in 1917, the welding school is one of the longest operating welding institutions in the world. Over 150,000 people have received training from the school.

During training, students will learn how to stay safe while welding, network with other students, and work with some of the best instructors. Lastly, the school will set students up to receive a good job at the end of their courses. 


The tuition costs $6,350 for 15 weeks of training. Something to keep in mind is that you may need to purchase your own welding tools, which can cost up to $400. 


Lincoln Electric is one of the biggest welding companies in the states, and its name is known worldwide. Since Lincoln Electric is one of the leading companies in the welding industry, its school has just as good of a reputation. 

When you graduate, you will receive a certificate with the Lincoln Electric name on it, which will help students get a job since they are so well-respected in the industry. 

The school only hires the best of the best when it comes to professors; they are highly qualified and well-trained. 

Albany Technical College

Established in 1961, the Albany Technical College, located in Albany, Georgia, offers a diploma in welding called the Welding and Joining Technology diploma. The program teaches students welding theory and covers how to apply it to their career practically. 

Students who finish the program are certified welding and joining technicians. The school also prepares students for qualification tests, so they will easily find a job upon graduation. 


The total tuition and fees for in-state students are around $2700, while the tuition fees for domestic students are around $4800. 


Albany Technical College has a graduation rate of 42% and a retention rate of about 60%. The school is well-known for its small class size and hands-on learning experience. The student-faculty ratio is 15:1. Furthermore, most students agree that all of the professors put a lot of time and effort into teaching. 

Advanced Welding Institute 


One of the best welding schools, the Advanced Welding Institute offers hands-on training. Students will spend eight hours a day in the shop and receive personal feedback and one-on-one training with the professors. 

The school offers two full-time courses, including Structural Welding and Combination Structural and Pipe Welding. Students can also take some other courses: shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, flux core arc welding, and gas metal arc welding.


Tuition for the Advanced Welding Institute costs around $18,000. You can either take the program as a 15-week course or a 24-week course (both full-time). 


The Advanced Welding Institute has a very good reputation. Many alumni mention how the professors are always there to help you and are willing to give one-on-one feedback. The school will also help students find a job after graduation. 

Lastly, the institute had a retention rate of 100% in 2019, meaning that all students in the class returned the next fall. 

Hobart Institute of Welding Technology

welding institute Hobart certification

The Hobart Institute of Welding Technology is one of the best welding schools in the USA, located in Ohio. Founded in 1930, the institution has been teaching students for over 80 years. 

There are two main courses offered at this school, including the Combination Structural and Pipe Welding course and the Structural Welding course. The combination welding course runs for 40 weeks, while the structural welding course runs for 24. 

Not only does the institute offer hands-on learning experiences, but students can also take some online classes as well if they want. 


The combination structural pipe welding course, which is 1400 hours, costs $19,000. The structural welding course running at 840 clock hours costs around $11,000. 


Hobart Welders is one of the leading manufacturers of welding equipment in the states. The company has decades of experience in the welding industry, which is why the school is so reputable. 

The institution only hires top-notch professors with both real-world experience and welding theory knowledge. Furthermore, the school is also known for its positive environment. Students will receive help if they need it. 

Ferris State University

welding program ferris state

Located in Michigan, this university offers two different welding programs: Bachelor of Science in Welding Engineering Technology and Associate in Applied Science in Welding Technology. The bachelor’s degree is one of the largest welding programs in the state of Michigan. 

Students who start with the welding technology degree will gain metallurgy, inspection, fabrication, and mechanical testing experience. After students receive this degree, they can go on to take the welding engineering technology degree. 


The average cost of an undergraduate degree at Ferris State University is around $12,000. Ferris University also offers several scholarships that students can apply for to receive financial aid. 


Ferris State University had a graduation rate of 58% in 2018. It is also ranked #123 in U.S. News’ list of Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs. The school is known for its small class size; professors will get to know you by name. 

South Georgia Technical College

One of the best welding schools, South Georgia Technical College was founded in 1948. This college offers two welding programs.

The Welding and Joining Tech program is a 54 credit course covering several topics such as oxyfuel and plasma cutting, overhead shield and gas metal arc welding, and gas tungsten arc welding. 

The Welding and Brazing Technician course is a shorter program that the college offers. The 11 credit course covers all of the basics of welding. 


The local tuition for South Georgia Technical College is $3600, while the domestic tuition is around $6,600. If students want to stay on campus, a semi-private dorm room will cost $2,600.


With a student-faculty ratio of 17-1, this college is known for its one-on-one instruction opportunities. The campus is very safe and has lots of support programs for the students. 

About 67% of students graduate and start earning a salary right away. Niche ranked the institution 71 out of 835 in the list of Best Community Colleges in America. 

Modern Welding School

welding school schenectady

Located in Schenectady, New York, the Modern Welding School offers two courses. Students can choose to finish their course through part-time evening classes or full-time day classes. 

Combination Welding is the first course they offer and is 900 hours full time. Students will be in class for 30 weeks. This program covers safety, T-joints, oxy acetylene welding, sheet metal welding, and several other topics. 

All position Electric & Acetylene Welding, Structural Welding, Pipe, MIG, Structural Steel & Comprehensive TIG Welding is another course that the school offers. This course is part-time only and is taught in the evenings. The program spans over 45 weeks and includes 665 hours of training. 


The Combination Welding programs cost $19,000, including books, equipment, metals, supplies, and other small fees. The part-time course costs $14,554 in total, including all of the equipment and materials. 


The Modern Welding School is known for its flexible course opportunities. Students who only have evenings free can still receive the training they want. This institution also has a small class size with a student-professor ratio of 17:1. Students will receive personal feedback and one on one instruction when they need it. 

University of Alaska Anchorage

The University of Alaska Anchorage is one of the biggest post-secondary schools in Alaska. The institution has one main campus in Anchorage and four satellite campuses. 

The university offers two welding programs: an Associate of Applied Science in Welding and a Welding Occupational Endorsement Certificate. 

These courses cover the four main welding techniques as well as three techniques relating to thermal cutting. Students will learn applied metallurgy, welding application, and how to read spec sheets and plans.


The local tuition for the University of Alaska Anchorage undergraduate programs is $7,080, while the domestic tuition is $21,216.

The university also offers scholarships and financial aid opportunities for students. 


The University of Alaska Anchorage has the best welding facility in the state. It is over 4000 square feet and has 44 welding booths with some of the most modern equipment available to students. 

The acceptance rate of the school is 83%, while the graduation rate is 29%. On the list of Most Diverse Colleges in America, according to Niche, the school is #470 out of 1,589. 

Welder Training & Testing Institute

Welder Training & Testing Institute

The Welder Training & Testing Institute is one of the best welding schools in the USA, located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

This institute has accreditations from the American Welding Society and the ACCSC. Future employers will recognize all welding certificates from this school, so students will not have a problem finding a job. 

Students can choose multiple welding courses and programs depending on what they want to study. The two main courses they offer are the Welder Fitter course and the Combination Welding program. 


The total undergraduate tuition and fees for the Welder Training & Testing Institute are around $8600. There are also financial aid opportunities for students. 


Students are guaranteed to get hands-on experience and personal instruction from professors due to the small class sizes. The institution also has a 100% acceptance rate. Upon graduation, most alumni will land a $40,000 starting salary. 


We hope that this guide has helped you choose the right welding school.

Each welding school will have its own strengths. Whether you are looking for a short program or a four-year degree, you will find it on this list. 

If you are looking for the fastest track to a welding career, consider going with Albany Technical College, Lincoln Electric Welding School, Advanced Welding Institute, or the South Georgia Technical College. 

Check out the University of Alaska Anchorage or Ferris State University if you want a longer and more in-depth welding program. 

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