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Beck Adams

My name is Beck Adams, and I’ve been metalworking for years now.

It’s a passion of mine, and it only gets more intense as the years go on. I love creating things with my hands, with intricate cutting techniques, and seeing the end result.

Regardless of how well projects come out, I’m always finding ways to tweak my work.

But there wasn’t a lot of information on how to do that.

Heck, there aren’t much metalworking information out there period. It got me thinking.

The novice metalworkers of the world don’t have a good enough resource to learn what they should be doing without having a bunch of marketing material shoved down their throat.

Mid South Supply is your safe space to comfortably learn about welding, and what it takes to make a fantastic project.

Since I was a teenager, I’ve been using plasma cutters and MIG welders (and the appropriate safety equipment) to create what I believe to be durable and useful things.

I mean, my father wasn’t too happy about how much all that metal cost when I was younger, but now he’s using a professional stainless steel restaurant quality kitchen countertop in his custom gourmet kitchen, so I think we’re even.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a pro that wants some advice on the right gear to switch things up, you’ve just found a new place to hang your head.

I made Mid South Supply to be a continually growing resource that I’m always working on.

I’m putting all my expertise and certification experience into creating star-studded content for you guys, so you can improve your abilities, and make something truly outstanding. is the best resource for welders looking to find welding equipment recommendations, safety information, education, and DIY projects.

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